Mission Statement

Brownstone Homes & Renovations is dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of our clients. We want you to come home to the house of your dreams, the house that truly speaks to you as an individual, the home that is tailor-made to fit you and your family. At Brownstone Homes & Renovations, we focus on high quality products delivered at a fair price. We believe that, through communication with the client, true balance can be reached between cost and product. Clients can expect to get a fantastic home for a fair price, and they can expect to have it delivered on time.  

Renovating your home to give you all the elements you desire and deserve is every bit as important an undertaking as building a new home. Depending on their size, projects of this nature can be more involved and intricate than new construction, as often the family must share the space that is under construction. With Brownstone Homes and Renovations, you can expect that your renovations are done as expertly as possible, with as little intrusion into your life as possible.  

At Brownstone Homes & Renovations, we build homes, not houses. We focus on well built, energy efficient homes that stand the test of time. We demand an old world level of craftsmanship while implementing modern technology. The outcome is a home you can be proud of for years to come. 

Contact us today to see how Brownstone Homes & Renovations can help you build the home you’ve always dreamed of.


Life Away From The Tools

All work and no play is no fun! Here are some photos of life away from the tools.